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RuRun's World of Reality and Imagination

(and Arts Corner too)

29 December
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+Name+ RuRun (ルルン)

+About me+

  • loves Doumoto Tsuyoshi from KinKi Kids ♥♥♥

  • and thus, likes his group's partner too; Doumoto Kouichi

  • and adores KKL ♥♥♥lol (stands for KinKi Kids Love)

  • once in a while will checking out others too like TOKIO, Okada Junichi, Takki & Tsubasa, Sato Takeru and etc

  • loves anime/manga/video games (but now not really up-to-date to the world of them..  XD; )

  • loves to draw! mostly influenced by anime/manga style ^.^

  • loves pastel and soft colors, sky blue color, cats, pets/animals, bead plushies, day-dreaming, sleeping, spicy foods, sport cars, sewing, observing, and etc

  • English is not my main language so forgive me if you found any grammars mistakes.. and I am currently learning more Japanese language! XD (unofficially and self-taught.. T_T )

  • is sometimes will write deep opinions..on life and such. haha I can be weird, serious, emo, childish, so laid-back, etc etc etc fufufu XP

+About my LJ+

  • layout originally taken and edited from: Scholar's Layouts,, and KK pictures are from various sources.

  • contains fandom(mostly on KK), RL things (a life diary? I don't do fangirling all the time, haha.), personal opinions on life (I can be a very deep thinker once in a while) , and sometimes a bit rantings(sometimes I need to let it out into my LJ) and anything else I want to share like my fanworks and etc. :)

  • contains my fan arts of KK too, and once in a while there will be some random arts

  • you come here for my KKL fan arts/comics?
    Sure, but please read here for some conditions. PLEASE read them OK? :)

  • comments are really appreciated! I don't expect people will comment in every single of my entries, but even if you come here only for my fan arts, once in a while a comment or two will give me courage to continue drawing. And it's sad too if people only stalk my arts but never ever plan to comment and then it will makes me wonder are they really OK and fine with my KKL fanworks..? are they stalking my arts just to see how crazy and lame I draw my KKL fanworks...? T___T
    comments of fangirling and fandom talk are always welcomed~ because sometimes it can gives idea to me to draw ♥♥♥

  • if you are here not because of KKL, and somehow want to friend me (or I friend you first), I expect no harm whenever I post KKL related stuffs. ^^;

  • and I hope you don't mind my RL related posts too lol. Because I'm lazy to manage two different journals so you get my fandom talk and also my RL diary in one journal ^^;

  • wanna know more? feel free to talk to meh, hehe ^_^


I am usually nice (lol) and would love to know more those in my flist.
So a little nice greeting and introduction about yourself would be more appropriate and appreciated too. So don't hesitate to talk to me nyaa :)
Yoroshiku! ^^

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