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01 January 2020 @ 12:00 pm

[all fanworks are just my fun creations made to kill some free time indulging in the fandom, lol!]

About this journal:
  1. Has mostly about my RL things, and fandom talks especially KinKi Kids, and sometimes other fandoms/interests too.
  2. Has my artworks (イラスト + マンガ) especially artworks of KinKi Kids, rating from normal contents to slash contents. (slash means: BL + Male x Male relationship + Bromance and something like those...)
  3. Public entries = normal RL+fandom talks, non-slashy fanworks, sharing general things like J-drama/LJ layouts/etc
  4. All-friends entries = a bit personal RL+fandom talks, all slashy talks and fanworks
  5. KKL 'adult' filter entries = some 'adult'+nearly porn KKL fanworks. (LOL!!)
  6. Do add me first AND comment or PM me for  '4'For '5', only people who are open and really ok with it are allowed to see it so do tell me if you want. By this, I assume that you're fine with my slashy writings/drawings.
  7. If you add me first but never say anything, I will not add you back because I just assume you're here to follow '3'
  8. Feel free to friend me if you think we have any common interests even not-KinKi Kids related. (But if you don't like KKL, please just ignore my KKL-related posts whenever I post about them.)   
    But please say something. I'll get uneasy if I don't have any idea who you are.  I don't really care if you're here just to see my slash fanworks, but I am usually interested to get to know people in my flist especially if we talk. So don't be hesitated to talk neh? Talk about anything, if you want. haha  :3  Fandom or non-fandom stuffs.


I really appreciate it if you could say
something about yourself if you added me.
Don't worry, I don't eat people.  X3
よろしくおねがいします! ^_^  ♥♥♥

all comments in this entry will be screened and hidden from other people if that can make you feel comfortable. :)
01 January 2020 @ 10:00 am
The list of fan arts and fan comics of KinKi Kids. Some of them are public view but all KKL stuffs are definitely Locked. Please READ THIS if you want to see them.

And please don't spread the KKL fanworks without my knowings/permission first. Unless you're pretty sure your friends love KKL and don't mind seeing fan arts/comics of it. I don't mind sharing KK fanworks, but if it's KKL fanworks, please make sure first neh? :)

And I open the Suggestions Thread so click here if you want to suggest something for me to draw so feel free to suggest anything you want, anytime. :)  (but opened for flist only, sorry)

Note: I don't usually update this list fast, and not all arts/sketches/doodles are in the list below, so you might want to check the tags too. :)

++++ Fan Arts ++++
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++++ Fan Comics (almost all are KKL)++++
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++++ Others ++++
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01 January 2020 @ 09:00 am
[ Livejournal S2 Layouts ]
  1. S2 Smooth Sailing - Red Angel Kouichi + Blue Angel Tsuyoshi
  2. S2 Smooth Sailing - KinKi Futari

[ J-Drama ]

  1. Gakkou no Sensei (School Teacher)  (D. Tsuyoshi leads)
  2. Tenshi ga Kieta Machi (The Town Where Angels Disappearead) (D. Kouichi leads)

[ random translations attempt ]

  1. Love Love Aishiteru #038 - T.M. Revolution #1
  2. Love Love Aishiteru #057 - T.M. Revolution #2
  3. Love Love Aishiteru #112 - T.M. Revolution #3
04 February 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Went for a job interview this morning, the ICT Coordinator position one.
//hi you're so handsome// //guests// //court...~//Collapse )

how our guests look likeCollapse )
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28 January 2010 @ 08:24 am
The sketches I told about in previous entry. My friend's dad has a scanner and since he's not around that time, I drew some sketches while staying over at her house so I could try and scan these yayy.  XD

it's under cut.....and it's general content. Yeah no fun. XP Collapse )
Ermm.. silly things I drew in the middle of the night...  heheh....  (||| -__-)
Kinda a bit hungry now...  XD
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26 January 2010 @ 07:38 pm
Stayed over at a friend's house for about 3 days since Friday night. It's been a while since I saw her. She even said I am very thin. She even said my Javanese look (based on the cheekbones) is becoming more obvious and obvious...lol  XD;;  But maybe that's because she said she used to see chubby people around her due to her own chubby figure and her family's members too.. ^^;  She really needs to give some of her fats to me XD  (lol where's my resolution to gain more weight this year?? it doesn't really work out even I ate a lot. XD; it must be genes..hmmmm.. XD; )

Went to 'all girls outing' with her and her 2 sisters. Window shopping, shopping, eating, etc etc, surveying for cellphone's prices, etc, and watching Adnan Sempit at midnight cinema. I don't really watch local movies/films but since it's her treat, so yeah... XD;;    (but damn.. why is Zack X-Factor is so damn hot XD XD  I was kinda startled he suddenly showed up in the movie too (but as a bad guy) It's because of the drama Si Capik too that I started to drool over him recently, lol. I mean his looks, yeah. XD)

Nostalgic #1 = Antique

I like cakes.... <3Collapse )

Nostalgic #2 = Jat Da Da Da (and it led to other 7 findings..  *v* )

ooohhh this is one relaxing song X3Collapse )

oooh, I have a few drawings but maybe later.. too lazy to edit it. XD;

still tired from the outside work at the bakery...  I'll reply to comments slowly neh. :)
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22 January 2010 @ 07:44 am
anyone please tell me what a 'coordinator' do in general...!
or in specific, in ICT department.
I think it's a position that must know almost all things in the department......  T^T   but I wanna know more detailes.
open interview next week or next 2 weeks. I'll luvvvv you if you help here too. haha  X3



dream record, RL, blablabla, artCollapse )
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Sis's family visited last night. And my niece has grown up and grown up. She's 5 months this month. XD
Hermmm, babies are too cute, I really wanna pinch those chubby cheeks like I wanna pinch Tsuyoshi's chubby cheeks too heheheheeee XD XDCollapse )

KinKi Kids bilingual forum:

. mitsui1031  just formed a new KinKi Kids forum and it's bilingual Chinese-English. The forum is still under construction but people are free to explore, and the forum will be launched on Tsuyoshi's birthday this 10th April. Feel free to spread and join in the fun and love of KinKi Kids fandom. XD

The frontpage: http://foreverdomoto.yahubb.com/
Guide how to Register: http://foreverdomoto.yahubb.com/forum-f14/ .

JE Fan Arts Community:

I just found out about misetekure_je . It's a Fan Art community of JE idols. But unfortunately there's no single KK fanart at all there. *bawling*   Goshh, there are pretty good arts too.. XD The comm seems pretty quite but maybe once in a while I could post there to, maybe to 'invoke' any artists who know a bit KinKi to draw some too.... fufufuuu  *evil* I'm somehow glad there are lots more people who draw in English-speaking JE fandom although it's not KinKi.....  XD   So feel free to visit there if you love arts and also any of JE artists you could find there. XD  (and draw KK too to spread the fun if you can draw fufufuu  XD *rurun gets shot* )

(damn, I somehow hate the span code function in LJ.. sometimes it makes some text went disappeared >.<  *needs to insert own HTML code* )
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16 January 2010 @ 05:51 pm
Thing about cellphone again. It turned out that the cellphone has something wrong with the SIM card detector... fixing will be $100... Just few months ago I spent $100 for only to fix the ribbon wired that connected the slider to the phone. TDT But nah.. for now, I think I'll be borrowing my Dad's spare cellphone.  But no musics and no camera. T__T I guess I have to try my best to 'gaman' to live without them for the time being. huuu  TDT Though I can still listening to musics with PSP, but PSP is so bulky I can't put it in my pocket while I'm working~  TDT   Oh well. haha
*now is thinking whether to buy a cheap but a 'new' cellphone, or just fix that '2nd-hand' cellphone* 

Yay, done colorizing another 200 images and only 200 left. But I think I'm gonna take a little break for now... I am such a procastinator but can't help it.. lol XD;;  Someone please knock that 'bad' habit out of me gyaarh

And it's weekend anyway! The favorite time to continue flailing with so many things. And one of them is about Nishikawa Takanori again in LLA with our KK boys. XD  (trying to flailing while I am still recalling the Snakes On A Plane movie I watched in local tv last night... *imagining being in a place full of snakes...* OMG IT'S SCARY!!)

LLA #112 - T.M.Revolution #3  (raw credits to these people  here)

summary / hightlightCollapse )

Letter and KinKi fanworks goodies XD ~

Ahhh, just as I was flailing with the ep, Dad came (which I was quickly hide that damn Media Player from my desktop lolz!)  and gave something to me. It's a letter from hikabunny ~ XD 30 Dec sent, arrived on 16 Jan. This is gonna make a good reference and info. :)

photos are memories and express many things XDCollapse )

it's been a great weekend~ (excluding my cellphone...)
I wish everyone a great weekend too! :)  Please take care of yourselves! :)

Ahh, Yamanade the drama has started airing last night! Can't wait to watch it XD
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13 January 2010 @ 04:37 pm
Dear money...
please let me know what you want me to use for, for the next thing...  whether a new external harddisk to replace the 6 months-broken one or a new cellphone to replace the cellphone-just-died this morning just as I was eager to go to my other part-time job in bakery to earn more of you........     T_________T

so hard without the cellphone... *sigh*


btw, came across this just when I managed to check the fpage....

In memory of family and friends who have lost the battle with cancer; and in support of the ones who continue to conquer it! Post this on your LJ if you know someone who has or had cancer. 93% won't copy and paste this. Will you?

Didn't have any relatives or people I knew that have/had cancer... but two of my uncles from Dad's side passed away because of stroke... while they're still young and had so young kids... T___T   (ok now I know this is not about cancer... but don't care.. )


anyway, something to brighten up the day... :)
--> Seriously, this reminds me of Uncle Itt from The Adam Family. (umm maybe his son/daughter). lolol! what kind of breed is that? Me want!  *o* <---
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